Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Toy Story That Time Forgot


Toy Story That Time Forgot is the latest installment in the cherished ongoing story that has touched the hearts of millions of people.  They continue to live through their shorts and all of their shorts have seemed to live up to every expectation of the films, but with different criteria.  Each story has focused on a different toy from the series and the latest one focuses on Trixie, Bonnie's dinosaur.  The gang is taken by Bonnie to a play date and when they arrive she sees her friend playing an Oculus Rift type video game and ignoring her toys.  She wants to play that, so she throws her rocket backpack into the other room that is full of toys and the action begins.  Trixie and the gang meet up with a brand new toy set of dinosaurs and a dinosaur world.  The only problem is, these toys haven't been played with so they do not believe they are toys.  War begins.

The new story of the latest installment brings back a lot of nostalgia with it's story.  It seems to recycle Buzz's story when he first encounters Woody and the others and firmly believes that he is a real spaceman.  They use this premise, along with Bonnie's toys being able to play any part that she may want - not just a dinosaur or a spaceman.  Pricklepants seems to be a big catalyst in everyone being okay with having different roles, seeing how he has "acting experience."  This makes the toys almost seem more lovable in a way.  It gave our old friends a new feel.  I like catching up with old friends and new things have happened.  That is what this is.  The story is not recycled when the "King Dinosaur" discovers Bonnie's name under her foot.  This is a play in the original that broke our hearts with Andy marking on Woody and then giving Buzz the same marking and forgetting Woody - this is different.  They cut the ties with toys believing they are real and not by calling her mark a "Mark of Obedience."  Meaning she has fallen claim to an owner and therefore isn't her own person.

Trixie is in full force in this one as the main character, a love interest, and the hero.  Once the action pursues, which has a fantastic "Bloody Scene," thanks to crayon wax, has Trixie trying to get to Bonnie to play with these toys and reset the balance.  The best part of every short is the spotlight of a toy that's been a sideline character.  It's a focus shift that can continue in this universe for a long time.

Instead of showing the owner's connection to these toys or the toys need to be played with as the previous movies displayed - I felt this one was more of the toys were playing with the owner.  They enjoy acting.  They are taking new roles and they are having as much fun being whatever they can as opposed to fighting for playtime as what they are.  

This 30 minute Toy Story "short" (episode?) - what are these now? - ranks above Toy Story of Terror because I did not feel Toy Story of Terror met it's theme correctly at the end.  This one had an ending that could have continued and could inevitably be written into the next Toy Story movie.  I would match this with Toy Story Toons - Small Fry.  I enjoy the Toy Story shorts greatly and it seems like these 30 minute episodes could use more time to get their full story out.  The shorts pack a big punch and end in the time needed.  I wanted more from tonight.  I hope I get more.

I will be a Toy Story lover for life and will continue to watch them.  This one did not disappoint, it just made me want more.  I wasn't fulfilled at the end.  Rushed.  It's a beloved story to get into a small segment.  I will be back again the next time they have them though.  It's a part of my childhood like all of my actual toys were.  

Thank you, Pixar.  

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