Saturday, June 28, 2014

TV Review - Girl Meets World


Last night I got to, somewhat, relive a big part of my childhood.  Throughout the 90's I made sure that I was home every Friday night for TGIF and their awesome lineup.  Boy Meets World was a major part of that lineup that kept me home and glued to my TV.  The rumblings of a sequel series that follows adult Cory and Topanga and their children intrigued and excited me and I could not wait for this to happen.  Last night it happened and I was not disappointed with the result and what is to come.

The show focuses on Cory and Topanga's daughter Riley and her best friend Maya through their journey through adolescence.  Right out of the gate, you can see nostalgia in our two main characters as they are very much Cory and Shawn.  Riley was raised and follows in the footsteps of her father and we don't quite know Maya's story, but it is one that I am very fascinated with and want to learn more of where she comes from.  Maybe it's a trailer park, maybe its a single parent family, maybe parents just don't care, or maybe she just doesn't fit in with the rest of her family.  The dynamic between these two is going to unravel greatly as we see them get into more situations like Cory and Shawn did. 

The supporting cast gives you that first season feel of Boy Meets World with Farkle being the smart kid in class and having an interest in our two main characters (as Minkus was with Topanga).  A love interest is introduced early on as well, but he isn't world about astrology or the afterlife as Topanga was at the beginning - he seems normal.  

The awkwardness of growing up still rings true and this show is going to bring it out for this generation just as Boy Meets World did for mine.  This show has to be a stand alone and not always compared to Boy Meets World if it is to be enjoyed throughout it's lifespan.  The cast is perfect and the soundtrack is perfect.  The 10% was taken off just because it was updated a bit for how Disney shows feel today and sometimes it is deviates from the era of the sitcom in the 90s.  Again, this show needs to stand alone and not be compared to Boy Meets World and it will not be any more since we got the first show jitters out as an audience.  

I have to admit I got chills when Cory came in, again when Topanga came in, again when Feeny came in, and a big chill when the Michael Jacobs logo and soundbite came on at the very end.

I am here for the ride and I hope the show doesn't stop in some random city that may or may not have the best pie around and just leave me here without a ride or enjoyment.

Your living room can be just like a theater if you let the TV screen take you into it's world.  Be alone with the screen and enjoy every minute of it. 

Drew Oliver

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