Sunday, June 29, 2014

They Came Together


If the world was half as self-aware as this movie is then it would be a much better place.  From start to finish, this film knows what it is and is a champion of its craft.  They Came Together is the story of two people in and out of love and what happens in between and it is predictably unpredictable.  The film is predictable in that it tells you at the beginning what is going to happen.  The film is unpredictable by the journey that it takes you on to get from point a to point z (a lot of unexpected hilarity is b - y).

If I had my way of describing these characters it would be this:  These are the kids we never met in Camp Firewood that were being overseen by those horrendous counselors and this film is the result of the affect the camp took on them in the real world.  Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler satirize a romantic comedy couple perfectly and the supporting cast (Christopher Meloni, Cobie Smulders, Michael Ian Black, Ed Helms, and Jason Mantzoukas) bring Muphy's Law to the party - Not just everything bad that can happen, but literally everything.  

Just as in life, it is not that destination that you get to, but it is the journey that it takes to get there.  This film is completely about the journey and Michael Showalter and David Wain are your captains.  The writing style of these two is unlike any other.  When you are zigging, they pull you into a zag.  When you are zagging, they throw you off the road and when you are coasting into your destination they crash into you head on.  

At first glance, this film may seem a bit over the top, but the dryness of the jokes and the performance of the actors really make this movie down to earth and downright hilarious.  The journey is a simple one that just makes you spontaneously burst into laughter straight from your gut and does not give you an opportunity to really connect or fall in love with any character - so whatever happens to them, you are completely fine with.  

Warning:  When you watch this and you burst into laughter, make sure that you are ready for the next moment or you will miss something hilarious.  I have a feeling the more you view this, the more you will pick up on things, and the more you will love it.

This was another VOD watch for me and the headphones and screen are all I need.  He came, she came, they came together, and now lets all come and enjoy this hilarious film and give it the attention it deserves and connect with it alone in the theater.

Drew Oliver

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