Tuesday, July 1, 2014



"This is Groundhog Day meets American Pie."  This is the statement that made me want to watch this film, and then that statement made no sense.  This movie is about a teenager that has an experience with a girl, that appears to be his dream girl in school, and he prematurely 'finishes his business' and then wakes up to experience the same day over again.  He experiences the day again maybe 2 more times before he understands what is happening.  Once he sees that he has lived this 4 maybe 5 times, he immediately jumps into being an asshole - and an asshole he is throughout the rest of the movie.

This may seem in pieces and I apologize, but this is all I could think about during this film.  There was a lot that could have been covered and fulfilled a lot of viewers dreams of "what if I could go back."  As pieced together this movie is...as is my review...kudos to Katie Findlay.  

I love the performance of Katie Findlay as the best friend (and should have been love interest in the beginning), but I truly hated every other character as they developed, or in this case, stayed the same. 

This film had a lot of potential to show what every high school kid could have went back in time to get right, but it goes back to do nothing multiple times.  

I am someone who would love to relive a few days that I had in high school - to get them right - but this kid just goes back and doesn't care.  

The only good thing about him going back that we are looking for is Katie Findlay, and every time it should break our heart because she deserves better.

A movie that is big or small deserves your fullest attention.  Headphones can give you the surround sound that you may need which is how I was alone in the theater. 

Drew Oliver

Please leave comments if you found a way to be alone in a theater to watch this.  Agree or disagree is fine when we are all alone viewing it..

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