Sunday, July 20, 2014

Begin Again


If there is ever a reason to go see a movie - it is films like Begin Again.  There are some performances that show you deep into an actor's soul - Begin Again brings you face to face with Mark Ruffalo's soul.  At first glance, one might think that this movie is just for music lovers and not for general public - in other words it's a niche film - Wrong.  This movie is for everyone that has lost love, lost family, lost their jobs, become a monster, and anyone who just wants to begin again.  The title is perfectly chosen and never spoken in the film, it is felt.  The movie doesn't rely on "bad circumstances," it relies on human fault and what it takes to start over and feel alive.  The actions of the characters are moved through this film with the help of the songs written in the film to piece everything together and connect with the souls in the theater that have experienced something bad happen to them.  

Mark Ruffalo is at the best and in his prime as Dan in this film.  When you see this film, he is going to bring you into his character like you have never experienced.  His eyes, tone, actions, reactions, and movements work so breathtakingly together that it is mesmerizing.  Following very close behind him is Keira Knightley.  Her broken heart has made an impact on her character, but what the music and passion for that does to bring her out of the hole she was in is terrific.  She is a fantastic counterpart to Ruffalo.  Adam Levine, Hailee Steinfeld, and Catherine Keener round out the cast of people that have self-inflicting problems.  Ruffalo's mending relationship with Steinfeld will bring a smile every time they are happy together - Levine brings out your hatred and never wins back your sympathy - Keener knows what she did and plays such a subtle role that has impact in a few scenes.  

There is a moment in this film, one of my favorite musical moments, when Ruffalo's character discovers Knightley's character at an open mic night.  He is drunk and you see his genius kick in - this moment is pure magic and you know the journey you are about to take with this characters will be well worth the ride.

Small movies like that are the ones that can touch us the most.  If this film makes it to your town, you owe it to yourself to watch it.  This movie can have an impact on you and you should let it.  Go by yourself or with someone that is close to you, but pay attention - Be alone in the theater with this movie, you and the film deserve it.

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