Sunday, July 27, 2014

And So It Goes


There is a key element that has to be followed in order for movies like this to work - It isn't the acting, it isn't the directing, it is all in the formula.  The title of the film suits it very well because it describes 90% of films in this genre.  If you've ever made the connection between Love Actually, Four Weddings and a Funeral, and Notting Hill - they are essentially put together the exact same way.  The best part of this formula is that it works.  It works every time and just makes movies enjoyable to watch.  And So It Goes follows the formula. Simple.  (Man and woman don't like each other, catalyst, enjoy each other, action to dislike, man and woman get together...and so it goes)

This film does feel like a Rob Reiner, but does not sound like a Reiner film due to him not writing it.  You have the cynical man that has skeletons in his closet and the upbeat hopeful with similar skeletons in her closet.  They do not like each other during the beginning of act one and then a catalyst is brought in that connects the audience to these two and brings a glimmer of hope for both of them.  The movie moves linear throughout its acts and does not keep me in the emotional moments that it contains.  Once the emotion happens, it ends, and we move on.  This is where the script and the story needed help and I feel the writer, Mark Andrus, could have asked Reiner to put his touch on it.

Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton are terrific in their roles, as always.  Douglas can attach himself to the dark side of characters with ease and turn the light on on that character just as quick.  His drunken character in this film is better than the lighter side toward the end as nothing in the story is overtly wowing.  Diane Keaton is Diane Keaton and there is nothing else you would want.  The part is seemingly written specifically for her, as her.  This is a continual occurrence as it seems she is the same in every one of her recent roles.  Why?  Because it works.

Think of a time where a movie is on and you stop because the movie is so easy to watch.  The plot flows, there is no over-thinking, you are satisfied with the ending, and then you go about your day. This is that movie you will see on tv, stop, and just enjoy.  It is simple, it is easy, takes nothing from you, but also gives you nothing as well.  I can't pick any point of this film that I would necessarily describe as must see nor are there any 'don't go see this' moments.  

The older generation movies still connect and still work.  The audience is still there and the actors and actresses are some of the best in our time.  These films need focused on and produced with the passion of all film if it wants to maintain a vast audience and not pander to a certain demographic.  

If you enjoy film then you should support it all and not just "your age" films or films you might now know actors from.  Go meet them for the first time at the theater.  Sit down and enjoy their presence alone in the theater.

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