Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sex Tape


Tonight I added a new element to what I want this blog to be.  I did my very first Live Tweet of a movie (and trailers) in theaters and gave my (@drewyk) followers or anyone that was following the #SexTapeMovie feed.  I had a couple of gratifications from this: 1. It was spoiler free and mainly the emotions and thoughts running through my head as things were happening so it gave whoever was reading knowledge of the movie from beginning to end. 2. It gives an idea of how many times this movie made me laugh or when a character was great. 3. Most important - it isn't a critique of the movie, its about the actual experience.  I won't do a Live Tweet of every movie that I see, but the important movies or movies that you may be on the fence about - these will be the movies I Live Tweet. Follow @drewyk for all Live Tweets and future reviews.

On to Sex Tape.  Sex Tape is a movie with a great premise with elements that sells a movie perfectly - Sex and a funny adventure.  The only problem is that those two elements is that you don't get enough of either.  The movie is very distinct in the 3 acts and it is easy to tell when one ends and another begins.  Jason Segel has fantastic writing ability and it really shows in the few parts that you can tell he focused on certain conversations more than the connecting actions and witty banter.  These conversations really pull you in and hit home - There is a conversation about losing their sex drive with each other that, if you have ever experienced that problem, will have you enamored.  Segel has also done it once again - he has written himself into a fantasy of every man.  

The acting in the movie is good, no one can deny that, but it isn't overly comedic.  Segel's character is clearly himself and it seems that what he says (especially when Cameron Diaz's character has the idea for the Sex Tape) is exactly what you think he would say and how he would act in real life.  It doesn't show it too much, but his character still thrives for more of a physical relationship where Diaz's character is fine with how they are physically and doesn't make the move to better it.  There were hardly any laughs from Segel and I don't remember laughing once at Diaz.  The supporting cast take their scenes.  As I said in the Live Tweet, post Parks and Rec Rob Lowe is a great character actor and the scene in his mansion is fantastic.  This was the first laugh of the film.  There is a cameo toward the end of the movie, I do not recommend looking at IMDB, that has another great laugh.  Rob Cordy and Ellie Kemper seemed like they were written there just to be there and help a bit antagonize in the 3rd act.  This movie clearly has 2 stars with everything else orbiting them.  The two kids that they have in the movie are fantastic at the beginning and I really wish we would have seen more of them.

The movie has 3 acts - Sex in the honeymoon stage then losing the physicality, the sex tape gets out and they go get it, and the antagonizing villain they need to save themselves from.  You can see when these start and finish.  One meaningful conversation in each act (the last comes from the cameo that is very deep in a very weird phrase) with barely any action or words to connect them.  Two main laughs in the movie that last for a short period of time.  This movie had two of the best selling elements Sex and Adventure and really did nothing beneficial with either of them.  In a clustered weekend of openings this is going to be the one that adults want to see, but I think if you had other movies you've been wanting to see - see them.

I Live Tweeted this film and found it brought me a little closer to it as I was exploring my emotions as the events were happening.  It brought my emotions closer to the film and showed you my thoughts as I was alone in the theater.

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