Thursday, July 10, 2014

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes


The only way to start this off is to tell you that this is the blockbuster you need to see.  This is the movie-goers movie - it has action, emotion, weapons, fire, and above all complete passion.  I went into this movie reading a few things about it and people saying that it is fantastic - I hate going into movies with high expectations because it leaves room for disappointment.  This film does everything but disappoint.  

I am not going to break this review down into story and acting because they work so perfectly well with each other that it will be the same paragraph repeated.  When I left the theater, completely involved with what I had just viewed, I tried to think about what I did not like about the movie and I could not think of anything.  The pace is spot on for what is happening on the screen, the run time could have ran for three more hours and I would not have complained, cast was amazing, visual effects are stunning, and this unbelievable plot was very believable and I bought in completely.  

When I started to wonder what I did not like it hit me - Had I experienced something that I did not like while watching it, I would have known it right then.  Movies have a way with connecting with us and blurring the lines of reality or they are disconnected with certain people and its a feeling in your gut.  This movie pointed out to me, as movies have in the past, that some movies don't have to have something wrong with them if you were enthralled with it as it should have made you.  This is one of those movies.  

The one thing out of this movie that I would love to see happen is to give these motion capture actors a shot at an Oscar Nomination.  Not only are their voices coming across with so much emotion, their actual actions are being captured as well - which makes you fall in love and absolutely loathe these characters.

This is a film to see on the big screen.  The only way to get the full experience out of this action and emotion packed film is to watch it alone.

Drew Oliver

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