Sunday, July 27, 2014

Trailer Review - Tusk

Most Anticipated

Trailer Here:

Before the trailer for Tusk came out, this was a movie that I anticipated very much.  I have been a fan of Kevin Smith since the early days and there isn't a piece of his work that I have not enjoyed.  This trailer is everything that a Smith fan wants and everything that a thriller genre lover will want.  It appears we will get a light side and some really funny gags at the beginning with Justin Long and Haley Joel Osment, but then we will get the yang to the yin in the second act as Michael Parks will take us into something completely dark.  Parks was great in Red State as a dark character, but this could put him in genre infamy.  He sounds as chilling as Hannibal Lector and seems as psychotic as Norman Bates.  Smith has always been skillful in his writing and Parks is someone the audience should see he loves writing for.  Smith and Parks should be a genre.  Long isn't a a newcomer to horror/thriller and has played the victim before (Jeepers Creepers).  His physique works well as a victim, but his acting ability is what takes him above and beyond to work great with Michael Parks.  

This movie went from being on my radar to being one of my most anticipated for the year.  Horror and thrillers, with the exception of Deliver Us From Evil, have not been that great and this will be a chilling breath of fresh air.  The comedy at the beginning and thriller denouement makes the plot, not the characters, a great juxtaposition.

Put this on your list of films to see whether you are a fan of Smith's or not.  After this film I think Kevin Smith will not fully retire because he has found a new genre that he loves to write for and he writes it well.  

I absolutely cannot wait to see the transformation of Long into the walrus.  #Tuskyes

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