Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Let's Be Cops


Let's Be Cops is a gem of comedy during an unfunny Summer.  It came a little late, but at least the funny arrived before we end the summer and we can forget about movies that promised us laughs and never delivered.  I am speaking of at least Sex Tape and Tammy.  Let's Be Cops delivers what you see in the trailer and gives you a surprisingly good story arc to go along with the normal buddy movie.  It takes a little bit to get into the laughs, but when you get there it stays.

Let's Be Cops seems like one of those movies that spoils the funny parts during the trailer - not true.  During the first quarter of the movie you begin to wonder where this movie is going and where the funny is, but soon after everything unravels and pulls you in.  The trailer doesn't show the main story focus after they begin pretending to be cops and get in the mix of a mob shaking down a local business and decide to investigate.  Jake Johnson's character does not have much of a life of his own so he takes the police work very seriously - so much so that you forget he is not a real cop.  Damon Wayans Jr. has a little more of a life and doesn't want to go to jail so he plays everything down and tries to stop the shenanigans.  They may be fake, but this mob is real and thanks to YouTube they may be taken down.

Jake and Damon's chemistry from New Girl transfers wonderfully onto film.  You can tell these two had a lot of fun filming and are proud of their work.  The characters are similar to their New Girl counterparts which should bring that whole audience into theaters.  When it is time to get serious or throw in some action, these guys deliver just as easily as they do in their comedy.  The comedy peaks going into act 3 with Damon Wayans Jr. shining like he has never shined before.  This will be the hardest you have laughed all summer.  

During this wake of the summer dying, Let's Be Cops takes us out of the galaxy and off of a planet ran by apes and takes us home laughing.  This is a movie you will want to pay attention to as the jokes come pretty quickly.  Laugh with everyone, but be alone in the theater.

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